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Recent feedback from some of my clients – out of respect and privacy I have protected their full identities and locations.

I would just like to add my own feelings here…. there is a famous quote which sums up exactly how I feel about my clients – so this is my testimonial to them :

“1 universe – 9 planets – 204 countries – 89 islands – 7 seas …….. And yet I had the privilege to meet you”

She is simply the BEST, an AMAZING reading from a beautiful soul, accurate & caring


Spot on, call her now very tuned in, top psychic


Excellent reader – highly recommended. Got straight onto the issues.


WONDERFUL reading and such a lovely lady – generous with time. Hope you are right!


This was my first reading with Lesley and not only is she a genuinely nice lady to talk to, she is also a natural intuitive, who picked up on a number of things related to both my past and present, straight off the bat, with no prompting from me, which I found immediately rewarding and reassuring. She does a very good job of explaining her insights and will happily go into further detail, if asked for. She also took the trouble to subsequently email me, various links on other side topics, which came up in my reading that appertained to both me and my current situation, which I really appreciated. Big thumbs up!

S - Southern England

Hi Lesley,

Just want to say this about the wonderful reiki distant healing that I have received from you…

I have found the distant reiki healing to be very gentle and a wonderful experience. It gave me tingling sensations in both my hands and feet, leaving me feeling deeply relaxed and centered.

It was as if all my worries had been lifted and I had been immersed in a blissful feeling of peace.

Lesley supported me so well throughout the whole experience. She is such a beautiful, talented nurturing individual. I cannot thank her enough

I would definitely recommend you try it….


Lesley you are the most amazing reader. I’ve had many, many readings over the years, but with you I can honestly say I never felt you time watching.  You absolutely go the extra mile… or ten.  When I thought I would get a simple yes / no reply, I was so wrong you gave me so much information.  Talking to you it can at times feel like I am having a direct conversation with spirit, totally an amazing experience.  I cannot praise you enough for the detail and empathy that you have shown in my readings.  You have been spot on, so much so that a couple of things I could not place happened with a few weeks.  Everyone should know about you!!!  Thank you Lesley you are truly gifted and what’s more you share so much of your gift with others.

Debs - London

Lesley has been a tower of strength to me and has provided me with renewed strength and courage to deal with trying situations through her natural ability to heal alongside her warm empathic nature.  I will continue to seek Lesley’s help when I feel the need as it is like taking a vitamin injection to see you through and as such I feel it helps me to top up whenever I feel the need to regain a grip on a situation.

KB - Leeds

The readings I had were so accurate, it was bizarre because it was so to the point. Without me saying absolutely anything Lesley could read things about me, things I haven’t told anyone. I had a great set of cards, and I am so glad that I took the time to listen. This was so fascinating. Amazing stuff, and Lesley made me feel so comfortable by talking to her. I would definitely go back and see if anything changes.


Thank you, it was a great experience. xx


I had a lovely telephone reading from Lesley.  She touched on subjects I was hoping were going to come up, gave me some answers and at the same time some questions about things to come J Lesley is very easy to talk to and as well as reading from the cards is very intuitive too.  I was very happy with my reading and full of hope for the future thanks!

M - East Anglia

We need more people like this. The real psychic deal with compassion and care


Fantastic reading, spot on. Very generous and kind soul. Will be back def. xxx


I just want to say thank you Lesley for the reading you did for me.  I can’t express enough how helpful it’s been and how it has reached a new level for me!!  The information, guidance and insight you channelled for me was truly profound.  It felt so healing to be understood in such a compassionate and sensitive way.  Also the accuracy and understanding of where I am at and what I needed was spot on.  Bless you! xx


Lesley has done love and relationship readings for me for some time now. I am in regular contact because her readings are always accurate and she is also able to empathise and offer me guidance to help me on my journey.
Lesley has also helped me with distant healing sessions using crystals which left me feeling amazing and very positive about life.

M - Yorkshire

I’ve received a wonderful distant healing session from Lesley and I just have to say it was amazing! I felt so peaceful, calm and energised. I highly recommend this beautiful person and she’s so lovely too talk too. Her healing sessions are wonderful and I know you won’t be disappointed. It’s like this….if you enjoy something in life and something makes you feel great you’ll want more so I always go back to her and I’m a very happy client. Thank you so much for everything Lesley…. you’re a real Angel… blessings! xx


Wonderful reading from a wonderful lady! So kind, caring, accurate and honest xx


Excellent reading. Very insightful thanks :0)


An intuitive and sensitive reader. Thank you for a very enlightening reading