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Meditation … “My take on it” Meditation is an incredibly ancient powerful tool – it’s the first step to conscious awareness of the sacred self. Through simple meditation techniques you can learn to be centred and are able to let go of stress, tension, fear, doubt and... read more


So originally my intention was to simplify the ascension process for others, no chance – it IS an involved and complex subject, so I have avoided the complex stuff in the guise of keeping it simple (because I don’t feel intelligent writing coming on any time... read more

Soul Mates & Twin Flames

Twin Flames/Souls The Twin connection is a spiritual relationship – Twins belong to the same spiritual soul group, picking up on the other’s energy.  They experience unconditional love for each other no matter the circumstances – no matter the other’s... read more

Spiritual Awakening

A List of Awakening Symptoms Are you experiencing/feeling/resonating with any of these? Repeatedly noticing numbers and number sequences 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, 3:33, 2:22, 4:44 on digital clocks, number plates, invoices etc. You keep seeping these same numbers or you see... read more


For me, it is a must to write about this.  Having experienced some rather unusual symptoms it wasn’t until a highly respected and regarded soul friend of mine suggested that I may be Kundalini that I started to research this energy.  He was 100% right.  As soon... read more

Light workers, Star seeds and Blue rays

Each Light Worker is here for a sacred purpose, each has his or her own soul mission to fulfil.  You are a Light Worker if you feel the call to help others; whether it’s by healing others, channelling healing to the planet, animal or minerals, or writing,... read more