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Spiritual Awakening

A List of Awakening Symptoms

Are you experiencing/feeling/resonating with any of these?

  • Repeatedly noticing numbers and number sequences
  • 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, 3:33, 2:22, 4:44 on digital clocks, number plates, invoices etc.
  • You keep seeping these same numbers or you see the time at 2:11, 3:11, 4:11 and again at 5:11 and so on
  • Hot and Cold sweats and flashes
  • Waking up repeatedly in the middle of the night – sleeping for a few hours, wake up – then sleep for another few hours
  • When you close your eyes, it’s not quite so dark anymore
  • Seeing geometric shapes when you close your eyes
  • Colours when you shut your eyes
  • Hearing high pitched ringing tones and noises
  • You see tiny flashes or sparkles of colour out of the corner of your eyes
  • Feeling incredibly fatigued and tired, almost to the point of utter exhaustion
  • Experiencing both extremes of emotion, to incredibly down one minute to incredibly happy the next
  • Abrupt endings to relationships, whether it be a romantic one, partnership, work relationship or even troubles within family relationships?  You also realise that others close to you are dealing with sudden and abrupt endings to their relationships
  • People  who have just come into your life – and just knowing that somehow, someway you feel connected to them and “get them”
  • Pains and muscle aches in your body
  • Needing to sleep during the day

Know that “everything will just work out fine – everything IS happening for a reason” – (we have to learn to trust and have faith that all is in order and in perfect divine timing)


Follow your intuition and back your hunches, find out what feels right for you and then GO WITH IT!

If you need to rest – then rest, if you need to sleep – then sleep.  If you need to be alone for a while, then find that space to do so.  Your higher self is guiding you – learn to listen and trust that


You may begin to become very sensitive to the energy of others around you, you know exactly who you want to be around because you are drawn to their energy – but you also begin to identify those that you no longer resonate with and keep at a distance, you also have an understanding and knowledge of those you can simply no longer be around.  Your own frequency is rising – you will naturally draw to those who hold a similar vibration to yourself

Scenarios from the past keeping coming back to you, you may get upset and emotional about them again but you are finally understanding why things happened the way they did and you recognise the truths and lessons learned.  You may think you have finally dealt and released the issue, only to have it return again … you are clearing, cleansing and releasing the energies of past wounds and hurts.  Go with whatever feelings arise, cry your tears again if needs be – then forgive and know that during that time your personal and spiritual growth was huge.  Be kind to yourself, heal yourself and forgive your own actions too (I cannot stress how important that is to forgive yourself)

You might be experiencing days of extreme emotion and upset with chronic tiredness and not understanding why – you then realise that the day before there was chaos in the world either by way of hurricanes/earthquakes/riots/unrest etc.  We are in synchronicity with the earth, her pain is our pain, she is trying to heal – we are trying to heal

If you are resonating with any of this (and there are many more signs)  ……. then you are awakening spiritually and becoming conscious and aware of the bigger picture (you would not be reading these words if it were not so)