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So originally my intention was to simplify the ascension process for others, no chance – it IS an involved and complex subject, so I have avoided the complex stuff in the guise of keeping it simple (because I don’t feel intelligent writing coming on any time soon lol) – but what I have done is to have written about common symptoms and signs of ascension and to put my own personal take on it.

Ascension – The Shift


Ascension and “The Shift” IS occurring … right now AND it is also happening to you, you who are reading these words, whether this is something that is within you consciously, sub-consciously or in your unconscious, you are involved, you ARE part of this.

There are thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of writings, blogs, articles out there speaking of the ascension process – so many that it can actually be very overwhelming for the seeker on a quest to learn more.  Articles written about dimensions, the rise from 3rd to 5th dimensional consciousness, planetary ascension, cosmic and galactic alignment, light body activation.

My intent is to keep this simple to try and explain what is happening without overwhelming people without the use of terms and phrases that you may have no resonance to, or that you find daunting.  

There is a planetary and personal shift in consciousness which is affecting each and every human being – this shift is an inner shift, an internal process we go through within.  We are each raising our own unique vibration and at times it’s uncomfortable and challenging, at times it is also blissful, joyful and peaceful.  During this process we begin the transformation on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and  ALL that is dysfunctional and of old beliefs and patterns will arise in our consciousness to be transformed, healed, cleared it is a process where it is necessary to amend the way we have been before, the thought forms we have held the old beliefs we had.  Through this process we begin to align to our own truth, to our own Divine purpose.  During this process we shift and clear anything that is out of balance we can experience the pain of past situations, any old fears, beliefs and limitations, it’s important that we do this and go through this as ultimately it clears, release and heals us, enabling us to hold more light.  It is both a turbulent time but also a joyous time too.

Through this process I discovered it helps if firstly you have a conscious recognition that this is simply a process to evolve you further in having that knowing you can become more detached from it, just simply imagine those old past situations and dysfunctions are leaving for you good, you may well be releasing them more than one time, re-visiting them (and re-visiting them again!)  But please trust in this process understand that ultimately this is an ALL healing process that you are going through.  During this period we often find it is not just simply in our day time thinking, we continue this process in our sleep this is why so many people are having dreams where we re-visit past people, situations and events.  Release and Let Go!

I have put together a whole list of ascensions symptoms garnered from different sites to try and assist you further, together with my own thoughts and comments and coping techniques on some symptoms, there are 45 that I have listed so far, but there are many, many more.

Please understood each and everyone’s ascension is a very individual and unique experience to them so you may not necessarily have all of these symptoms, but another may well experience most of them.  These symptoms are similar to what I have written in the spiritual awakening article, but there are differences.  Some relate more to the term spiritual awakening whilst others know it is an ascension process, it’s one and the same really.



Sleep patterns;

Changing sleeping patterns – we can experience these some of the time or all of the time. Repeatedly waking up two or three times a night, especially during 12 – 3am remember as I said above this healing process still continues whilst we are asleep so experiencing vivid dream states, experiencing vivid colours in our dreams (I feel experiencing any colours are probably coloured healing frequencies), consciously participating in our dreams, being able to go back into a dream after we wake.  Much has been written about the Triad Sleep pattern where we sleep for around 3 hours, we wake up and go back to sleep again for around another 3 hours.  Many are experiencing energy surges through their bodies, hot feet, and restless legs.  I can’t stress enough how much work and healing I feel is going on of a night-time.  Many people I know, myself included are suffering sleep paralysis which is a whole other subject!


Energy Pulses at the Crown and our Feet;

Feeling energy at the Crown of your head Pulsations of energy, feeling as if the head is expanding, sensations and tingling head neck shoulders and spine.  Shivers and shudders, goose bumps, feeling as if we are touched on our heads. Again many of us are feeling energy coming into our feet and up through the chakras.


Weight and Dietary Changes;

Changes in dietary requirements, needing protein, food cravings, and weight gain and then equally times of needing very little food, nothing appeals.  Sometimes making a complete change to our diet from eating meat to being a vegetarian. Changes in weight (deep joy☹).  So many people I know crave protein and then equally feel they need little food.  The weight gain I know is a major complaint with many, gaining copious amounts of weight for no reason, weight gain around the trunk of the body – this is happening to men and women alike.  Not being able to shed weight like we used to be able to.  We are going through a major change and transformation it is said that we need fuel for this process.  Don’t take this as an excuse to overeat though try and keep it as healthy as possible, keep up with the drinking of water.  Suddenly developing allergies and intolerances to foods that you never used to have a problem with.



The desire to create a peaceful home, to raise the energy there, our homes are our sanctuaries.



We can often be regarded by others as being unsociable, not carrying the same desire as we used to partake socially, picking and choosing carefully those who we want to be around, we can almost become hermit like to others but actually are quite content in our own space.  We may feel lonely at times, but not alone.



Blurry vision, (especially after high energy days) flashes and sparks out from the corner of our eyes, things that seem to shimmer or look opaque now, auras appearing around others and animals, seeing auras around trees and plants. Seeing shimmering objects, seeing glittery particles, auras around people, plants, animals, and objects. When eyes are closed there is no longer darkness, some see redness, and others black and white, almost like the TV has lost signal that same type of effect.  Seeing beams or sheets of the most amazing vibrant colours, almost feeling as if when your eyes are closed you are beginning to see different dimensions. Sometimes having pictures, numbers or symbols with the most amazing clarity flashed before us when our eyes are closed, seeing images, shapes, or seeing hearts.  A feeling of seeing the outline or profile of our guardians and angels.  I have experienced a physical change in my eyes over the years, the whites are whiter, the eyes containing more light, the colour of my eyes becoming more defined, clearer.



Being able to hear clearly, or quite the opposite.  Through an intense period of my awakening I just could not make out what others were saying, they were sounding muffled, distant, far away, at other times it felt like they were shouting.  For years before my awakening, I would hear a female voice call my name twice, just as I was dropping off to sleep, always in my right ear.  As soon as I experienced my kundalini awakening I never heard this again, I feel it was one of my guides trying to get my attention or to get me to awaken.  Her voice was very familiar to me, I felt it sounded a bit like my own voice or my mum’s or my grand-mothers, but I did know that I knew that voice, I did know the voice was very familiar.  I have since discovered I hear the voice of my guardians and angels always in my right ear.  I hear, feel and sense the voice of family members who have passed on my left side.  Tones …. Oh tones!  Continuous tones in my ears, high notes, if you can try to match the note and tone in your head/mind, or if you are blessed with a singing voice (I wasn’t!) sing out loud, but try and match the frequency.  Hearing electronic noises, bleeps, clap of hands, clicking of fingers, songs, music, patterns of tones, again especially as you are in that in between stage of being awake and being fully asleep. Increased or decreased hearing. Some hear water rushing, or bees or buzzing noises, a whooshing noise, roaring noise a bit like a train, bells ringing, hearing text messages coming in then immediately checking your phone to see no message there, only to find one comes in the next ten seconds.  I have also heard people/beings above me talking in a foreign language almost as if they were passing over my head, I felt they were commenting on me, in a loving way.


Aromas and Taste;

Enhancement in different aromas, many report smelling beautiful flowers, having different tastes, at times I could almost taste Parma violets.  I would get this enhanced feeling around the tip of my nose and that is something that occurred pre-awakening, it’s very difficult to explain but it seemed a very familiar feeling to me, although I can’t exactly recall what it is☺.  Almost like Deja vu but the full knowing of it escaped me.



Outbreaks, rashes, itchy skin, and feeling like something is crawling on or under your skin, hives, and bumps.  I experience frequently in meditation shivers, beautiful tingling similar to light goose bumps, the area where I first felt this is expanding but it usually starts in the trunk – being very sensitive to higher vibrational energy and consciousness sometimes causes shivering.



Now this is a completely different feeling to feeling just tired, this is an extreme fatigue and a weariness, these episodes of fatigue can last for days and then suddenly you will have two or three days of manic action, getting everything done, I suggest you go with this phrase and make the most of the days when you can achieve and the days where you can do nothing, well understand that’s exactly what you need to be doing, nothing, just be-ing.



Experiencing periods of time when it is extremely difficult to feel motivation towards anything, having this desire to do nothing, please know you are not being lazy (as I was once told years ago) but it is totally necessary at times to take time out and allow these changes and shift to occur.  It’s the same as if we are a computer going through a re-boot.  Within a short period of time it usually changes again and you feel incredibly upbeat and motivated.


Heat Flashes,

Feeling the energy coursing through your body – this can feel very hot but also others feel very cold.  Often at night time we can wake up feeling incredibly hot.  I have read our bodies heat up after experiencing vivid “dreams” I have experienced this many times.


Flu-Like Symptoms:

Known as vibrational flu, similar to colds and flu, headaches, aching muscles, stiff and aching back shoulders neck, flutterings in our body and palpitations. Palpitations often occur when our heart chakra opens, but clearly any concerns should be checked out by a medical practioners. Feeling pain in our limbs or by contrast feeling numb. Know that you are releasing and clearing more from the emotional and physical.


Change in Circumstances;

Life changings events, usually major ones, and often several all at the same time, these can range from a change of job to a complete overhaul of your life, sudden divorce, loss of home and possessions, illness, loss of friends, dynamics within relationships and family change.  These changes certainly seem to grab our attention forcing us to re-examine life and our role.  These events although seeming awful at the time invariably bring about the recognition that what we went through was the best thing possible as from it we evolved, we became more in tune with our sovereign selves, we become authentic and true to ourselves.  Know that absolutely everything happens for a reason have trust and faith that whilst going through this the outcome ultimately is for our highest good. Try and become detached more, try and view these changes remotely without attachment to the outcome. Once through this time you look back and can’t equate with who you are now to who you were before.  Others can often feel we are being callous or ruthless as we change, we are not – it’s just simply that anything or anyone not in resonance with us falls away, unless of course they can make that change with us. When going through these changes often it is known as “the break-through” stage rather than “the break-down” stage.


Enhanced Creativity;

Suddenly feeling in tune with a desire to write or paint.  Feeling a need to express yourself creatively, whether it be by being creative with arts, dance or music to simply being creative in the kitchen or around the home.  I can’t stress the importance of tapping into our creative side and would encourage all to find their own expression of creativity.


Questions Answered;

Often you find things you are pondering on and desiring answers to, well those answers seem to turn up by magic.  Whether it be answered on another website or whether another appears magically to you answering the very thing you were questioning but you somehow find your answer, or even another perspective, you discover exactly what it is you need to know at that time.


Being True to who you are;

If we can’t be truthful in a situation we do not feel good, if we hear or witness another being disrespected it offends us we carry a complete desire to be authentic and as true as possible.  We find it increasingly difficult to be around others that our truth no longer supports.


Electrical Items;

Frustratingly somehow managing to blow every light bulb in the house in quick succession – it’s as if our own electrical energy is affecting and impacting other items around us.  I get twitchy now just turning off lamps because the chances are the bulb will blow.


Different Kingdoms;

Often we desire to connect with the different kingdoms whether it be the animal kingdom, plant or mineral kingdom.  Many of us feel a deep connection to the crystals, we can connect with the crystals, we can hold them, nurture them, love them and receive inspiration, insight and information from the crystals.  Other’s feel this way with the plant world and the animal kingdom too.


Manifestation Abilities;

Well I feel few of us have mastered this completely but nonetheless we are all beginning to see results from manifestation work, our desires are being met.


Lack of Interest;

Having no desire whatsoever to participate in the activities you used to regularly do.  Many on the path of ascension find the news and newspapers to be intolerable to watch or read, in fact many empaths I know including myself are simply unable to watch anything or read anything that contains violence, old third dimensional actions, to hear negativity in any way shape or form.  We may have tried to overcome this because others are telling us we need to watch the news and read the papers, but we simply have no interest. However on hearing of world events or disasters we automatically send healing and prayers out to people and situations.


Heart palpitations;

A racing heart usually accompanies a heart opening, but please do get any worries or concerns checked out first.



Quicker and thicker growth with hair and nails.



Increasing knowledge that you are not good in crowds or noisy places (or people!) you cannot tolerate being around or near others who are loud or angry, in fact having an extreme reaction if you should witness arguments between others even complete strangers.  It is easy to feel overwhelmed when we are out, limit your time spent in crowds, even food supermarkets.


Emotional & Mental


Emotional Outbursts;

Crying for no reason, sobbing, wailing, experiencing emotions deeply, deep sadness, anger, anxiety, a feeling of something wrong and then experiencing the other end of the spectrum elation, joy, and wonderment.


Past thoughts and emotions and memories;

Let those emotions and thoughts and memories surface, acknowledge you are simply clearing them out.  There is completion going on of things and scenarios, people and situations where we have been wounded in the past, also where we may have unintentionally caused wounds.  Let it go, let the past clear itself, be ready and be in the now.



A feeling of somehow time no longer holds the same content, days whizzing by, at first recognising you can no longer achieve in 24 hours what you used to be able to do – you have this inner knowing that somehow the time measurement of today no longer equals the time measurement of let’s say twenty years ago.


Changes on the Horizon;

Being unable to define or prove this but just having an unexplainable feeling and sensing that something is going on, that there is a change coming to your life.  Not being able to define it or exactly put your finger on it, but knowing that something is changing – it is YOU!  You are the change you have been waiting for.


Feeling Anxiety;

Step back from that feeling, ask if that anxiousness belongs to you – if it doesn’t and you know nothing has changed that day then understand you are picking up on the thoughts of others around you (collective conscious) understand this is not your stuff, once you recognize this, you can deal with this jittery feeling, this anxiousness.



Losing your judgmental attitudes and beliefs, understanding we all have equal value, understanding all souls are perfect, a natural refrain from judging or having opinions on others behaviours, a complete understanding that each and every one is on their own journey at their own time and pace.




Feeling connected or dis-connected;

Again this is a common symptom, there are times when connecting with our guides and guardians feels effortless and instantaneous and other times when you struggle to make that connection. Know these periods of dis-connection do not last.



Having your own values and opinions, or being able to embrace all different paths to spirituality, understanding all routes, all beliefs, all faiths, lead to the same place and accepting that is fine, it really doesn’t matter what route others take as long as they get there. Having a desire to speak our thoughts to stand in our own truth and to share that with others, equally the desire to have our questions answered, we are on a mission, a quest for the truth.


Awareness with the Universe;

Many of us feel a complete resonation and Oneness with the Universe and other planets and star systems and beings.



An increasing sense of being able to understand the behaviour and actions of others around you, our perception grows.  Being able to pick up on others and their energy around us, thinking of them and then hearing from them.  An increase in clairvoyance.


Deeper Connection;

Receiving messages and information awareness of channeling abilities.  Connecting more and more with spirit particularly in mediation.  Connecting with light beings and star elders.



Experiences increasing, a desire to sit back and connect through meditation, having amazing experiences in meditative states, seeing colours, sensing our guides, having conversations, hearing voices, seeing colours, being able to work through our chakra system and being able to re-balance and re-align our system.  Seeing our guides, I once saw clearly how our guides commune with each other’s guides in an amazing experience, my guides and the guides of the other were exchanging information, they showed me how, not through their voices, but by placing hands on hands, through the placement of the hands information was downloaded and exchanged. It was an incredibly beautiful experience.


Astral Travelling;

A sense of travelling and having out of body experiences, being able to leave your body and looking back at yourself.


Planetary Resonation;

Resonating entirely with the planet – having the most Unconditional Love and compassion when seeing images of the planet, knowing and remembering I have channelled loving energy to our beautiful world before incarnating here.  Knowing I have viewed our world from a faraway place in the Universe.  Experiencing the same when seeing Galaxies and star systems, having this sense of wonderment and awe when seeing Galaxies and star systems and other planets. I can also remember being in awe shortly after my awakening of looking up at the sky and seeing clearly for the first time that I had the perspective of seeing the sky curving rather than the flat ceiling type sky I had always seen before.  I was looking up and at the same time seeing the world if that makes sense.



Understanding you are part of the whole, experiencing the bliss and wonderment.  Our consciousness expands to understand we are part of the universe and the universe is within us.



Feeling at one with God yet knowing we are God too.  Understanding we are not separate that we are a unique expression but part of the whole.


Time Alone;

Knowing we are never alone, we have never been left or abandoned that our Guardians and Guides are around us, the Angels and Ascended Realms are with us, loving us unconditionally, understanding that we are simply on a journey of evolving, knowing they are close and with us, we just cannot see them with our physical eyes just yet, as we raise our vibration more and more we will get glimpses and then more detailed images, they are operating in a higher dimension than us, this is the reason why we cannot see just yet.


Life Purpose;

A true understanding and knowing that everything is in order, that by becoming aware and conscious that we have fulfilled our mission to emerge from that third dimensional concept that we are NOT separate and alone, that we have broken through the illusion.  A contentment, a sense of achievement and feeling the Oneness of All.


Soul Connections;

A feeling that Divine counterpart is out there somewhere; a feeling that we may have already met them or that we are about to meet them or re-connect.


Past Life’s;

Having conscious flashbacks or short scenes played to us from past lives.  Meeting another and remembering we have been with them before in a previous incarnation.


The Return to Home;

This is not a suicidal thought, but it is a longing to return home and be with our loved ones and soul groups and families.  We have often felt throughout our lives that we don’t really belong here, that we are like the proverbial round peg in a square hole.  Also a knowing that we are becoming more Source embodied.


I think often as humans we tend to analyse, we have a tendency to over-complicate things, to be concerned we have not learned enough, we do not know enough, don’t get caught up in feeling you don’t know enough because all the time you are worrying about not understanding not knowing enough then you are taking away the time from just “being”.  Just accept and be aware you are changing, you are evolving, and you are part of this process and be happy with where you are. Because this is a process in which you will evolve more, you will expand in your consciousness, in your timing, the timing that is right for you.

Let’s keep this simple, let’s keep this easy this knowing, this learning this understanding, be at Peace with it, be in the joy of this beautiful process that is unfolding within each and every single one of us.  Don’t worry about what you know or don’t know, just be in the awareness that this change is happening within you.  You right now, you who are reading these words you are in the most important learning process of your life, no school, college or university is more important than this process that is happening with you right now.  It’s a beautiful learning allow that to unfold very naturally within you, within your own perfect time frame.

You are assisted you are supported by your guides and guardians and so, so loved – trust that they will help they will assist and bring that awareness around you at exactly the right time.


The content in this article can be used but only either with my direct permission obtained via email or by naming the author and the website (ie., courtesy of lesley, unitedsouls.co.uk)