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Soul Mates & Twin Flames

Twin Flames/Souls

The Twin connection is a spiritual relationship – Twins belong to the same spiritual soul group, picking up on the other’s energy.  They experience unconditional love for each other no matter the circumstances – no matter the other’s choices. These relationships are challenging to say the very least, they are also incredibly rare and many people mistake a soul mate relationship for a twin flame relationship.

The primary reason for twin flames meeting is to be in service for some type of spiritual mission/work.  Through their meeting a huge creative energy is birthed and released which is used for their work together.  Over the recent few years many twins are now attempting reunification to help humanity and the planet shift in their consciousness. These relationships are more intense than any other relationships and often the attempt at reunification is unsuccessful because of the intensity experienced most particularly at the soul level.  The twins experience a huge acceleration of their spiritual growth and awakening occurs.  Whether they reunite permanently depends upon how evolved each soul is – no matter how challenging these relationships are, this is all healing.


Soul Mates

These connections are often the most mis-understood of all soul relationships – through my own personal experience of meeting many soul mates, who sometimes have mirrored and picked up on this twin flame energy – I have gained, and still day by day, gain knowledge and understanding of these connections.

Through my own personal journey and many years of researching (but more importantly experiencing) these relationships I fully understand how traumatic and how misunderstood these relationships can be. In particular the feelings of loss and despair that follow when one half retreats.

Equally I am acutely aware of the importance of bringing balance to, and acquiring knowledge and understanding of why you are experiencing these intense feelings and reactions. I provide the clarity and understanding of the myriad of feelings and complications present in what is your most vulnerable time. And I am able to convey WHY you feel oh so “connected” to that person.

The need to understand, balance and heal yourself is vital. I provide a service that combines an in-depth reading, presenting you with insight of the connection, followed by an optional intensive healing/re-balancing session. This joint effort removes the outside influences that have been producing feelings of enormous anxiousness and deep stress. I understand only too well the depth of pain and the endless battering your soul takes as you are going through it. I do all that is necessary to help you through this challenging experience.


Love and Relationship Reading with Emotional Rebalancing and Healing

I am a fully qualified and accredited Reiki Master/Teacher with the UK Reiki Federation.  I can offer distant healings – these are easily done without the need for the physical presence of a client in the same room.  I can offer you single sessions or I can tailor make packages especially for you. All I need to send reiki is some very basic details about you, sometimes a photograph can help.  I will focus on you and send reiki to you, this is called beaming, reiki is sent by intent.

This session is especially for those who are suffering extreme emotional stress and anxiety in the relationship department.  Through my own experience and through many years of learning about soul mate/twin soul relationships, I understand how consuming these relationships can be and sometimes the devastation that can be felt – I also understand the importance of bringing yourself into balance, and gaining knowledge on the reasons why you are experiencing intense reactions.  There is a need for you to re-balance yourself therefore bringing complete balance to the relationship, I can help you understand what is going on and why you are feeling the way you do. The healing I send will promote emotional and spiritual healing in you.  It will help you feel less anxious and stressed and also encourage better sleeping patterns by rebalancing and cleansing your energy.  I understand only too well the emotional turmoil you are going through and I will do all I can to help you through it, but more importantly to gain knowledge and understanding of why this is happening. Reiki not only assists medical conditions, but it helps on all emotional and spiritual levels too. This session comprises:-

After contact and payment has been made, I will contact you – at that time we will look at your situation and I will do a reading for you, by working with my guides and using my channeling abilities. After that call I will set aside a time to focus and concentrate upon you and your situation and healing will be sent to you by using the distant healing symbols I have worked with over the years.  I will call you after the session to discuss any feelings or thoughts you had and to further clarify the situation. This session involves around one a half hours, including the time spent focusing in on you. Should you have any questions about this, please feel free to email me.

I respond to all requests for readings/healings promptly and often I am able to achieve same day readings dependent upon my schedule and yours. I will always try and accommodate same day readings as I understand that sometimes “you just need to know right now what the situation is …”