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Reiki Healing

New Age or Ancient Wisdom…

I am a fully recognised and accredited Reiki Master/Teacher. With accreditations in Seichim Reiki, Ra Sheeba and Blue Star Reiki. I provide distant healing sessions whereby I channel healing energy and promote emotional re-balancing and re-alignment.



“Reiki is a practice that relieves not only the external, physical sufferings, but the internal sufferings and the obscuration of human kind”


Dr Usui  

Dr Usui discovered Reiki during a mystical experience on Mt. Kurama, a sacred mountain north of Kyoto, Japan in March 1922.  A few months later he started a Reiki organisation called the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai which means “Usui Reiki Healing Society”.  He also opened a Reiki clinic in Harajuku, Aoyama, Tokyo.  There he taught classes and gave Reiki treatments.  After the Great Kanto earthquake in 1923 the demand for Reiki was great and it was at this time that Usui began training other teachers.

I am a fully recognised and accredited Reiki Master/Teacher. With accreditations in Seichim Reiki, Ra Sheeba and Blue Star Reiki. I provide distant healing sessions whereby I channel healing energy and promote emotional re-balancing and re-alignment.

Reiki is a healing and relaxation technique that can help reduce stress, fatigue, physical pain, and many other ailments and diseases of the body. It is given by a Reiki Practitioner who channels Universal Energy.  Reiki is neither a religion nor a belief system.  It is natural healing whereby energy is directed by placing hands on the body on or over chakras where the energy is then channelled through the practitioner to help bring re-alignment and re-balancing – all that is needed from the recipient is to simply be open and prepared to receive it.  It is a way of accessing the energy of life to help heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the Client.  It is a non-invasive therapy and there is no need to undress as reiki works just effectively through clothes, blankets and in the case of accidents through plaster casts.   It can be used in conjunction with many other therapies and is a useful tool for self-awareness and personal transformation.  It is practiced throughout the world and is used in NHS and Private hospitals, private practice and self-care.  Reiki has been known to bring relief to a range of physical symptoms when other more conventional methods have failed, and Reiki works on all levels … physical, emotional, mental and at a soul level.

Reiki can be given in-person or distantly and is just as effective both ways Reiki is complimentary to any Western medical treatment you may be receiving. It works harmoniously with medicine but should never take the place of a licensed medical professional.

For me, it is not necessary for the client to be physically present to enjoy the experience and more importantly the benefits these services. I simply link in with you at a mutually convenient time, and using the distant healing symbols I channel energy, this is a very successful method when undertaken by myself and is known as beaming.




Seichim Reiki

Seichim is an Egyptian word meaning power or might.  It is a living light energy as well as an ancient Egyptian system of healing wisdom. It was discovered in 1984 by an American Reiki Master, Patrick Zeigler much in the same mystical way as Dr Usui received Reiki.

Seichim is an ancient and sacred healing system believed to be from Egypt and going back all the way to Atlantis.  It comes from the Egyptian word Seichim (or SKHM) which when the hieroglyph is translated means Power of Powers – two upraised hands designate the symbol.    Seichim is a complete and advanced hands on healing system using living light energy which incorporates symbols and energy work.  The active use of Seichim promotes emotional release, healing and balancing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies focusing on balancing the masculine and feminine energies within us, creating an energy that is more concentrated, yet very gentle, but completely powerful.

The applications of Seichim in treatments and absentee healing is identical to Reiki although each system has its own unique energy and a different, though related set of symbols and sounds. It can act as a first aid kit in some respects working on the complexities of acute and chronic diseases, as well as anxiety, fatigue, depression, frustration and other stress related symptoms.  Living light energy addresses the subtler aspects of cause…. releasing deeply held thought forms which are in the etheric body which can create the symptoms of blockages in our physical form.  In the physical body every molecule and cell is affected in a cleansing, balancing healing manner by consistent use of Seichim.



Blue Star Reiki

Blue Star Celestial Healing (formerly known as Blue Star Reiki)

This advanced healing system comes from the Pleiades star system and was used in ancient Egypt. It was channelled by John Williams in 1995 and then further developed with Gary Jirauch. This system emphasizes galactic and spiritual healing, and is “a transmission of spiritual ability to bridge the gap between God and man – The Rainbow Bridge – enabling expanded levels of awareness.

The ancients of India, Persia, Chaldea and Egypt were the priests of nature, the patriarchs of knowledge and the founders of vast civilizations. They were the keepers of magic, the priestly healers of the sick and the preservers of secret wisdom. The ultimate aim of their ritual and practices was spiritual transmutation; the realisation of the true and full mental powers that are the natural heritage of the human psyche incarnate.

Bringing a strong sense of balance between mind and heart is the key to manifesting with the Blue Star energy, which is said to be the vehicle for bringing peace and planetary healing as fast as it can happen

Blue Star is both concerned with the immediate benefits like protection, health and financial as well as the long term benefits such as spiritual growth and development.  It assist in becoming more secure in your own cosmic identity and uniqueness.



Ra Sheeba Energy

Ra Sheeba is a very powerful section of the available Universal Healing Energy. Because of the high vibration of this energy, Ra Sheeba is only offered to Reiki Master Practitioners or those who have a similar vibration level.

Collectively, we have reached the required level of vibration to hold this energy again.  The last time this level was accessed was in Egypt when “The Watchers” vibration finally reached this level.  The main players were ready, and the one who had the power to pass this on to the people was the Pharaoh.  After the Pharaoh died, all was lost. Now these main players are back and ready to hold this energy once again.

This time it will be held by the many … and will be valuable in assisting in the ascension status.  This time there is not one person or group responsible for holding it.  When the many hold it and are able to show integrity then the greater flow of energy will begin as never before.  This is the first time that the “Ra” energy has combined with the “Sheeba” energy.

The “Sheeba” – the creative, joyful and sexual expression of love.  The “feminine” part of this column of Universal Healing Energy which leads straight to the source.

The “Ra” – the Source, from the centre of the Great Central Sun.

The “Sheeba” shows the way to the “Ra”.  Only through Sheeba can we access “Ra” and find our true light and our path home.

The Ra-Sheeba Healing works directly on the Chakra’s or biological system and our spirit body changing our DNA and energy fields around our bodies by clearing errant energy, debris and clutter which is collected in our auric field through our thoughts and emotions.   In doing so it teaches us and connects us to love.  Love being the thing that helps progress us on all levels of our lives. By working with the symbols in this type of healing, we are able to strengthen our immune system, clear our chakras of negative energy helping us to physically, mentally and emotional open up, allowing our energies to flow more freely. When this happens, we become more in-tune with life and life begins to roll more smoothly. We move into a more harmonious state of being and we then start to attract more positive changes into our lives.



Reiki is an alternative healing practice and it should NEVER replace the care and advice of your doctor.

Reiki is a wonderful non-invasive treatment and complements medical treatments. 

If you suffer or feel you might suffer from any medical, psychological, or emotional issues, please consult with a licensed medical professional.  If in doubt always ask your doctor. 

That said there are thousands of people out there that can testament to the wonderful healing and enriching power of Reiki. Judge for yourself!