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Past Life Readings

The Journey of the Soul

The intention with past life channeling is to enable you to understand that by releasing and letting go of any fears, emotions or memories that may be retained in the sub-conscious of past life(s) will bring us to a place of freedom and releases us from being impacted or locked in any discordant energy of the past, that is having an effect or impact on us in this lifetime.  It is important we remain in the present, to be in the now; because that is exactly where we need to be.

I provide past life channelings and readings and also if required healing sessions – I am a DNA Reiki Master and also a Master of many other Healing Modalities.

I have been reading, channeling and healing for many years and I have often found how in a reading for a client, my guides would reveal aspects of past lifes, not to keep us locked into the past – but by revealing the reason for the emotions and any reactions towards others and why we feel the way we do, it would bring us to the place of being able to release and heal those feelings and emotions just simply by having an awareness.  Empowerment comes from having the awareness.

My intent in this is pure and simple; to firstly acknowledge the situation and then to release and be free.  This does not necessarily mean particularly with soul mate relationships that that relationships ceases to exist anymore in this lifetime, it simply balances it bringing acceptance and forgiveness to the relationship.  I can work with you with this.

I also had a realisation of “who we are today” can be coloured by the “who we were in the past”, I understand the importance of identifying any past issues with any and many of our soul groups and soul families, these are those who often reincarnate with us lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, that’s the way it works… soul groups… soul families.  Once the past relationship is identified then we can understand why we feel the way we do about certain individuals, by channeling healing energies of love, peace, understanding, compassion we can at least start the process of healing these past life connections.

Past life channeling and healing can be so beneficial to those experiencing those “difficult” soul mate connections in this lifetime, again by recall of and then by channeling healing energy we often find we can feel much freer and calmer about these relationships that are affecting us so much in this lifetime.  I have met many people who with these connections often have some recall or visions and flashbacks to a past life, for myself I have experienced this too with one particular connection I had a series of flashbacks to a life shared together in Ancient Egypt.   I have also experienced a recall, visions of other lives I have had.  I’m happy to have had those visions and find it fascinating, but I make sure I’m not caught up in the past, I concentrate on living in the now.

These sessions can be done remotely or in person.  If you would like more information on this please contact lesley@unitedsouls.co.uk or call 07568083016.