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Meditation … “My take on it”

Meditation is an incredibly ancient powerful tool – it’s the first step to conscious awareness of the sacred self.

Through simple meditation techniques you can learn to be centred and are able to let go of stress, tension, fear, doubt and all self-limiting beliefs and thoughts.

When practising regular meditation you find the ability to go within and access your inner intuition and your higher self.  This inner truth always guides you to your absolute best and highest potential …. Trust it!  Meditation is not as time consuming as one may think – I have tips and techniques that “fit in” with the busiest of days.

My motto of keeping things simple and uncomplicated applies equally to meditation as it does to all aspects of spirituality.

Personally I’m not a huge fan of sitting cross legged on a floor or chanting, but that has never deterred me from linking in I absolutely adore and cherish my personal meditation time.  For me, I have learned that it’s not necessarily all about certain techniques it’s as much about simply carrying the conscious intention to access our inner space and begin to make that connection with our guides, guardians and higher beings.

I have personally discovered that I can still make an amazing connection whether I’m  sitting comfortably on a sofa or laying on my bed or with my feet tucked under me, as opposed to how I was taught, which was to sit on a floor cross legged, which I find incredibly uncomfortable.  At the end of the day I feel our guardians and angels are so happy that we make the conscious intent to connect with them that they really don’t care about what position we are in, or even if there is a little hum drum noise in the background, it’s all about the intent of making the connection. They welcome any time we spend connecting with them.

It’s all about making the conscious intent to connect, when we carry that intention, then connection becomes pretty effortless.

I know of many people who for instance are doing a daily grind of commuting to work by train, they will use that time to access their inner self.

Years ago Gurus, Yogis and Masters would be able to take weeks and weeks out to sit quietly and meditate in isolation, our modern day life now often dictates our daily routines so we do not have that opportunity to do that, but should we let that put us off of our inner thinking time, no, not at all.  It’s perfectly okay and acceptable to spend ten minutes here and there throughout the day making that connection.

If you practice going within and making the intention to connect, then you will find you eventually go on automatic pilot and can often do this in any free relaxation time you have, the benefits of meditation and going within are huge and extremely beneficial – it has a major positive effect and transformation on our life’s, we feel more connected, more peaceful and more in harmony and it’s very self empowering.

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