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Light workers, Star seeds and Blue rays

Each Light Worker is here for a sacred purpose, each has his or her own soul mission to fulfil.  You are a Light Worker if you feel the call to help others; whether it’s by healing others, channelling healing to the planet, animal or minerals, or writing, talking or guiding others spiritually.  It feels like a calling, a mission, and a journey to enlightenment.  We become more and more enlightened with our understanding and knowing of spirituality.

It is more usual we came here with an unconscious awareness of exactly who we are or what it is we were supposed to do and usually through life’s harsh circumstances and trials and tribulations we “broke through” rather than “broke down” remembering our own sovereignty and Divine origins.  Many of us have awakened and many more are awakening to remember their great natural abilities, their spiritual gifts whether it is by healing or spiritual communications skills, put simply we spread the Light, we recognise the Sacred and Divine in all, we are learning (remembering) to live in the Oneness (again) but here on Earth.  We have remembered our Divine selves and we encourage and desire others to do the same.

Star seeds are often old souls originally heralding from distant stars, planets, galaxies and solar systems.  They carry extraordinary gifts and abilities, wisdom and often advanced healing abilities and techniques.  Many feel out of place here and out of synch with the harshness of others actions and beliefs finding it difficult to understand and exist in this dimension.  Many are ultra-sensitive’s and empath’s all bringing their uniqueness and individual skills and abilities here.  They, like the Light workers are the way showers, at the frontline of bringing the higher frequencies and new ways here, with the mission of helping to raise the consciousness of humanity.

With each new influx of energy and light frequency Light Workers are often the first to feel the impact of the new energies, we can often experience physical and emotional difficulties and experience life changing events whilst we go through the process of Ascension and enlightenment.  With each influx our light quotient increases and many are experiencing some of the following physical and emotional symptoms;



  • Our sleep patterns change, sometimes we need more sleep at other times we need less, it is very common to sleep for only three hours at a time.  We often feel as if we have less energy than we used too and often feel a need to take rest periods throughout the day



  • We find we cannot tolerate anything other than healthy and pure foods, often our stomachs are affected and we can often experience a purging of the stomach.  We can have food cravings, particularly a need for protein.  At times we can have eat excessively, at other times the need for food is less.



  • We can experience extreme electricity (energy) surges in our bodies, often felt in the legs, the spine, the crown, but maybe felt in other areas too
  • Noticing a change in our eyes, not just blurry vision, but it seems as if our eyes have more colour and the whites are brighter
  • We can experience feelings of pressure in our head and almost a sensation of something shifting, feeling light headed.
  • A sense of discomfort in the heart chakra with flutterings and palpitations
  • Changes in our skin tone, the appearance of rashes
  • Allergies and intolerances


Emotional Reactions

  • Feeling extremely emotional at times, a need to cry and release a feeling of a need to release any old pain or situations
  • Feeling very restless, almost agitated at times
  • We cannot tolerate being around people and situations who have a lower vibration than we do, it can actually make us feel very ill
  • We can easily identify those with a lower vibration or those who still hold out-dated and old beliefs and although this seems harsh we just cannot be around them.  This is an important point because we have to understand we have now an in-built system to help identify which situations and people to spend as little time as possible with, we have to trust that knowing!
  • We have extreme sensitive and emotional reactions when we are around noisy situations and peoples, often we are not got in crowded places or where the energies of people are much denser than ours
  • We have a sense that our life holds great purpose and often we feel the need to help and heal others, we become soul driven
  • Relationships which are out of balance seem to fall away from us, often our paths will cross with people who are in resonance with us

From my experience of my own symptoms and of many others who I come across these changes are very usual but of course for any physical symptom if we are concerned or have worries then we do need to consult a professional.
Blue Rays

The Blue Ray is something I completely and totally resonate with.  Shekinah Rose writes about the blue ray traits as follows:

Blue Ray Traits:

  • ‘Transformers’, using alchemy you naturally transmute lower energies.
  • Average age range: Late 30’s to 50’s
  • Tend to be water and air signs: Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra with Virgo influences.
  • Have similarities with the Indigo, Crystals and Rainbows Beings. Ultra-sensitive, intuitive, can easily communicate with the higher realms. You have sacred knowledge and wisdom.
  • Often mistaken for an Indigo.
  • Very adaptable and empathic.
  • Blues are more reserved and quieter than the indigos and seem mystical in the way they look. Old souls may appear to be more ethereal looking or star born.
  • You are about communication and expression through the creative arts and spirit. It is very important for you to express yourself. It’s part of you mission.
  • May have taken many years for you to be able to speak up and be seen.
  • Have blue in your aura or have lots of blue around you. You will also have violet to help with transmuting lower density.
  • Work with Archangel Michael, Saint Germain and the Violet Fire.
  • Most are energy or spiritual healers as you wish to heal and help others.
  • Are water types. Flowing, emotional, not static and associated with the divine feminine traits and archetype. Music, sound, movement, dance and nature is very important to you.
  • Learned how to hide your supernatural abilities and gifts, stood in the background waiting, watching, observing and always in the knowing.
  • The Waiting, Star Seed Time Line Encodement, the blues have been preparing for when events and an inner knowing will activate you to reset your course to take a higher path. This activation will attuned you to your core essence and will affect your career, hobbies, goals and relationships.
  • Most of you were not born to enlightened consciousness spiritual parents. You had to heal and transform much family, genetic damage, emotional trauma and dysfunction first.
  • Feel connected to the terms Light Worker, Star Born and to Pleiades, Sirius and to the esoteric studies and the evolved races of earth. Are more energetic aligned to Lemurians then to the Atlanteans.
  • Have amazing latent spiritual gifts and talent that are not fully activated.
    Feel out of place in your family, feel your biological family is not your true origin. Feel you are from the stars, another planet or evolved race.
  • Are the peacemakers with your family and with friends.
  • Have great inner long-term persistence. You get to your destination.
  • Very sensitive to foods, chemicals, the environment, noise and electricity.
  • Need to drink lots of spring water that still has the life force in it, and be connected to the deva of water.

Challenges for the Blue Ray 

  • Escape tendencies, being in the other realms or being alone too much, feeling lonely and different.
  • Addictions or addictive tendency in earlier years.
  • Chronic fatigue from always transforming energies or leaving the body too often and too long.
  • Learning disabilities
  • Difficulty and frustration in communicating.
  • Were told: You were different. You’re just imaging things. Get real.
  • Can have entities, spirit attachments and negative thought forms come to you, because the Blue Ray transforms and shows them the light.
  • Had genetic damage to transform.
  • Are very adaptable and empathic, and therefore can stay in a dysfunctional relationship, situation or environment to long.
  • Need to maintain energetic boundaries and awareness and learn how to stay connected in the body.

(As per www.shekinaspeaks.org)