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About Me

Welcome, my name is Lesley and I have been walking a spiritual path for many years. Having faced many challenging life events I began my own journey of enlightenment and consciousness eventually leading to a spontaneous kundalini awakening about ten years ago.  In the early days of my awakening I remembered I could heal and I embraced my own path of self-healing. Through my personal journey and subsequent spiritual awakening I understood three things;

  • I am a healer
  • I have an ability to channel the realms
  • I desire to be in service to others

I offer readings and clarity for those of you in need of clear guidance and insight, by way of spirit connected readings, channelings and intuitive healing sessions.  I have an ability to channel the realms, I will often receive information about others who were yet to cross my path asking for my help, these clients would contact me within the next few days and I would pass the information onto them.

In addition to my UK Clients my support of others has reached as far as Europe, Australia, US, Canada and South Africa.

By using a unique combination of powerful distant healing techniques I am able to channel healing, I am fully accredited with professional membership Reiki Master Teacher/Healer in Usui Reiki with a very clear lineage.  I have Master status in Seichim Reiki, Ra Sheeba, DNA Reiki and Blue Star Reiki and Crystal Healing. I also work with crystals and can read the tarot.  I work full time spiritually providing readings, channelings, healings, spiritual coaching, meditation work and assisting others on their path, and those who are awakening.  I also have worked on psychic lines and sometimes I still do this, as my aim is to dedicate myself in supporting and assisting others who are also on the path or at least who are questioning the “deeper picture”.  I do have an understanding I am in service to others.

I am a natural empath and sensitive and totally committed to helping others in any way I can – it is something I completely resonate with. My vision is to inspire others and to open their minds so that they too remember their own healing abilities and gifts – to be in their own sovereignty

Over the last few years I have been working with a beautiful team of Light Workers in America, they have sessions with an incredibly gifted Oracle who brings forward an Angel called Malachi, I have assisted them by transcribing channelled sessions into a book which is available on Amazon**. Malachi brings forth the other Angelic Realms and the Ascended Masters who gift beautiful learnings and teachings. I feel I connect to Malachi and the realms regularly in my own channeling sessions, they will often step forward with messages of guidance, support and insight to help us on our paths.  I know doing this work has increased my own vibration expanding my learning and understanding I feel incredibly blessed to be involved and with each and every week of working with them I felt myself opening up and connecting more and more to the Divine understanding and learning more and working with the healing powers of the Angels, Ascended Realms and the Universe, I have attained a true understanding of how we are all one and connected, not separate and living in illusion and how to operate in that Oneness.

I have techniques and tips for your own self-healing journey if you would like to know more then please do not hesitate to contact me lesley@unitedsouls.co.uk to book a session with me.

My Aim

My aim and mission is very simple – to enlighten, inspire and empower you.  To promote well-being and self-healing in you – this I do by a combination of different healing and re-balancing techniques and also by giving you clarity, insight and understanding through my readings and channelings.

Planetary Healing

As you can probably tell from the number of images on my site – I resonate completely with the Universe and the Oneness of all.  I regularly send out loving healing to the planet and have complete resonance with the term Light Workers and Star seeds.  Should other Light Workers or those on their path wish to connect with me then again feel free to email.

**The book is available on Amazon – The Holy Mother Mary is God by Kevin Peter Kelly and Marina Nikole Kelly