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Healing With Crystals

Healing Crystals

I will specifically choose an appropriate crystal for you (dependent on your requirement or needs) direct from the crystal specialist I use to buy my own healing crystals.  The crystal is then infused with healing energies, I do this by way of a full healing session and with pure intent channelled into the crystal.  This is not done on a “general healing list” – this is done on a one to one basis, specifically with the intent that YOU receive this healing.  As with my distant healing I view this as if I were actually in the room with you.  It is then sent to you first class post.  This is another way to receive healing, re-charging of the crystal can be done again with intent in the future if so needed.

This has proved incredibly successful in the past and is another service I offer you.  Just contact me and let me know either the crystal you require or what you would like help with, whether it be specific healing needs, or emotional needs, or protection, grounding, self-esteem, fears, connection to Spirit, the Angelic Realms, trauma etc. and I will do the rest.

Please contact me for further information.