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Please feel free to contact me via email or text with any queries you have or if you require any further information.  I can provide a landline number and will always respond as soon as I practically can and I usually achieve same day guidance and support.

Readings and healing can be done in person on a one to one basis or on the telephone, it makes no difference whether you are with me in person or located hundreds of miles away.  Many of my clients who book a healing session with me are located in other areas, sometimes different countries, it makes absolutely no difference where you are located they still feel the benefit of my healing and clearing abilities.  I am based in Norfolk – but can travel to other locations dependent upon the size of the party and individual circumstances

I will call you at a pre-arranged mutually convenient time to a UK Landline or else I will provide you with a number to call me on either landline or mobile.

I am happy to tailor sessions to your needs.

Please click on the reading/healing session (see below) you would like to purchase – feel free to text me on 0756 808 3016 if you have any questions, or need any information, or for availability.  Payment via PayPal (see the options below) I will endeavour to offer same day support dependent upon my schedule and yours.


0756 808 3016 text or leave a message if I don’t pick up as I may be in a healing or reading session


Simply fill in the contact form below – or alternatively, contact me via e-mail at lesley@unitedsouls.co.uk

Based in Norwich, Norfolk, UK
But Serving the UK and beyond…


I am duty bound by Law to point out that readings must be regarded as for “entertainment purposes only”.

I will not read for anyone under the age of 18 and please be aware that restrictions apply to legal issues, paternity issues and matters concerning pregnancy.  These are my own morals and ethics.

Of course, if no connection is made on either side within the first five minutes of a reading then a full refund will be made to you without question.

Reiki is an alternative healing practice and it should NEVER replace the care and advice of your doctor.

Reiki is a wonderful non-invasive treatment and complements medical treatments.

If you suffer or feel you might suffer from any medical, psychological, or emotional issues, please consult with a licensed medical professional.  If in doubt always ask your doctor.

That said there are thousands of people out there that are testament to the wonderful healing and enriching power of Reiki. Judge for yourself!